Northumberland Breakers Volleyball Club



Coaches will be certified and follow guidelines provided in the Coaching Code of Conduct – Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) Manual. Coaches and assistant coaches must undergo a police check prior to joining the club. The club will pay costs associated with police checks as well as coaching OVA registration fee. Coaches will provide curriculum vitae (CV) to the board prior to becoming a coach with the club. Coaches will be reimbursed for travel expenses (gas and hotel) when the team travels. The coach will keep receipts and present them to the Treasurer every three months for reimbursement. Assistant coaches will receive an honorarium for volunteering. Assistant coaches must be certified or in the process of becoming certified to obtain honorarium. Coaches may be permitted to coach their children, however, it must be recognized that a potential for conflict of interest exists – the OVA Coaching Code of Conduct will apply as per usual. The Northumberland Breakers Volleyball Club recognizes and appreciates the volunteer efforts of coaches. Children of the Head Coach should make the team; however, the athlete must participate in the tryout sessions with other athletes. There will be a designated board member responsible for coaching. He or she will ensure that all documentation is in order.

Written Agreements

Athletes, coaches and parents of athletes under the age of 18 will sign a written agreement at the start of each season. Agreements will be written by the Board and dispersed and collected by the Team Manager.

Athlete Subsidy

The Board will manage and disperse a player subsidy fund for athletes unable to participate due to financial constraints. Coaches and managers will assist in identifying athletes in need. Requests for assistance shall be made in writing and submitted to the President of the Board. Decisions will be made by the President and the Treasurer and will be subject to budgetary constraints. Confidentiality is to be maintained. Financial documentation may be requested.

Grievance Policy

The following grievance procedure outlines the course of action to be taken when situations arise that cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. First stage – involved parties are encouraged to seek resolution through private face to face meetings whenever possible. Parties are encouraged to refer to Bylaws, Values and Policy documents for guidance. Second stage – if a coach is involved, the Board Member responsible for coaching will be involved in the resolution process when requested by either party. If a coach is not involved, a third party Board member, usually the President, will be involved in the resolution process when requested by either party. A maximum of three Board Members can be involved and all those involved must be unbiased. Conflicts of interest must be declared. Third stage – issues not resolved at the second stage may be brought before the Board at the discretion of the involved Board member/s and the President. The Board’s decision will be final. If an appeal is requested the OVA will be contacted to assist.


The Club and its Board shall be sufficiently ensured against liability. The Board is responsible for administrating insurance policies.

Team Managers

Each team will designate a Team Manager and alternate/assistant. The Manager will work in conjunction with the coach. The Manager’s duties shall include:

  1. Arrange for the entry of tournaments in coordination with the Club Secretary

  2. Arrange hotel accommodation for out of town tournaments where necessary

  3. Coordinate and communicate to team members and their parents regarding all team activities

  4. Work in conjunction with the Board Member representing the team to ensure team is informed

Coaching Review

There will be a method of obtaining feedback for coaches from athletes and their parents. There will be an annual review of coaching appointments following the Indoor Volleyball Canada National Championships each year. Coaches will make their requests for next season at this time. Coaching appointments will be made following discussion and review in conjunction with the Board.

Club Fees and Assets

The Board shall regulate the use and/or rental of any Club property. Club fees will be charged to athletes who try out and make the team. These will be administered at the discretion of the Board. All regular and Annual General Meetings will include a Treasurer’s Report. Club fees will be used to manage the affairs of the Club. This will include, but not be limited to – OVA fees, facility rentals, uniforms, equipment, club promotion, athlete and coaching development. There will be a Fund-raising Committee to raise funds to offset costs of additional items and/or travel expenses. Any member may resign from the Club. Resignation shall be in writing to the Club Secretary or President. The Board will determine if funds are to be returned to the member.