Northumberland Breakers Employment Policy

  1. The Board will provide an ad hoc hiring committee of two or more members on an as-needed basis.
  2. All employees will be required to undergo a current (within three years) criminal reference check prior to hiring. Employment and/or personal references will be checked prior to hiring.
  3. Coaches will be qualified through the Volleyball Canada Coaching program and will have their level one Technical qualifications as a minimum.
  4. Employment opportunities will be posted on the Club website with instructions for application.
  5. In the case of part time summer employment, preference will be given to those employees that have demonstrated good working habits from the previous summer. Preference will be given to Breakers athletes where possible.
  6. In the case of the Breakers participating in the delivery of a program in conjunction with the Cobourg YMCA, employees will meet any additional criteria that the Y may require
  7. This employment policy reflects the current practices of the NBVC. Should the need arise to hire employees, (other than part-time summer employees), the Board we re-examine these policies and adjust them accordingly.